Headmaster Garth Shaw’s assembly address at Dale College – 1 Feb 2019

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen – I am honoured to be able to address you in this capacity. I would like to acknowledge and greet some individual groups here today:

It has been tough for me to prepare for this gathering today: Partly because I have never seen a new Headmaster / Principal introduced to a school. Why do I mention this? Basically, because I think it is a mark of a good school if the Headmasters / Principals don’t come and go, but rather walk a path, commit to the task at hand and give continued leadership over a sustained period of time. I have been lucky to be associated with schools that follow this kind of pattern, and apart from the last year of uncertainty, I know that this has been the legacy of Dale College. I look forward to building on this legacy.

But it is also tough for me to put into words what I am feeling right now. It is a huge privilege to be leading one of the most prestigious schools in the country. One of the few remaining Boys’ High Schools. For 12 years I attended another Boys’ school not too far from here. When I fell sick on the Thursday evening before what would have been my first ever rugby game, as a 7-year old and barefoot, on the Dale Primary fields, I cried… I felt similar emotion when I ran out for my 50th game for the Queen’s College First Team at the ‘’Graveyard’’ in 2002. Although Queen’s lost 13-0 I can now possibly say We beat Queen’s! The ethos of a boys’ school, the camaraderie, culture, singing, sport as well as being back in my homeland, the Eastern Cape…